Professionele training en universiteiten in Spanje

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Alles wat je moet weten om als buitenlander vastgoed te kopen in Spanje.

Types of programs in Spanish universities

Private universities

Spanish private universities were pioneers in incorporating double-degree programs, something that did not exist in the public universities. They, in turn, have greater means, better facilities, and more attractive exchange programs for students. They also enjoy less theory, more practice, many prestigious educational teams, and both national and international networks of contacts at the teaching, business, and institutional levels.

Special emphasis is placed on the teaching of foreign languages. Many subjects are taught in English or other languages. It should be noted that when it comes to their MBA programs, some Spanish private universities are among the most prestigious in the world.

In short, choosing between public and private education will require an important economic investment as well as long-term planning as to the objectives that you wish to achieve in education, personal evolution, and career planning for your children.

After taking all of this into consideration and seeing how the Spanish education system works, the practical way to move forward would be to see what public and private centers exist in the area where you wish to make your home. There may even be a school that adheres to the teaching style of your country of origin.

Finally, if your children are going to finish their university studies in Spain and later wish to continue working abroad, it will be necessary to look at the study validation agreements and requirements for each unique case.